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About the Director

My name is Kim Noonan I am located in Southwest Austin, Texas.  In the Davis & MoPac/Loop 1 area.  I have been doing home family child care for nearly 30 years and feel lucky to be able to spend my days with children.  I have been married for 32 years, and we have 2 grown children.  

I believe that young children learn best through playing and exploring the world around them.  My program is designed with this in mind.  I set up centers, toys, projects, music and movement, etc. that enable the child to learn while they are playing.  In other words, opened ended/child directed fun.  I am here to provide a warm, nurturing, safe and educational environment and to help guide children into making the best choices for themselves, while teaching to share, communicate and interact with others.  I also provide a play based learning program so children will learn colors, shapes, letters, numbers and so much more!  

email me with questions or to learn more about my program.

Kim Noonan
Kim's Kids


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